Indexing issues with Google Search for some publishers

Indexing issues with Google Search for some publishers

I see countless reports from publishers that Google is having trouble indexing Google News publishers and other sites. Most sites don't seem to have a problem, but there are reports that many publishers have problems. Google said they are investigating the problem.

John Mueller of Google responded to some complaints that he sent these reports to the team to look at:

This site and most of the sites I know have no problems, but the problems seem to be there. Here are some examples:

A site command for (site: gives no results for the past week.

There are also countless complaints on the Google News Help forums. It's been going on for over a week now.

It is also possible not only for news publishers:

Update, maybe the news publisher's side because the above example has been resolved in the tweet?

Again, this is not a major issue with Google News publishers or the Google indexing issues of May in November.

Do you have problems?

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