Google treats links within primary content & Boilerplate content differently

Google treats links within primary content & Boilerplate content differently

John Mueller from Google was asked if Google counts the first link on a page at the same level as the second link on a page. This is a topic that goes back more than ten years in the SEO debate room. Anyway, John ignored that question and then explained that it is more about primary versus standard information.

The question came in a Reddit thread:

Two links on the same page pass PR to the first link, but none to the second, but that doesn't mean the second link still has no advantage. (Cannot remember this bit incorrectly)

John Mueller answered:

We usually distinguish between the primary content and boilerplate (things like header, sidebar, menu, etc.), but for the most part, that is with regard to the content on pages. Usually people think about this: if you link within your own site, just link, use clear navigation, use good cross-links; if you "drop" links on others' websites, maybe not.

Now we had another Googler on that subject who told us that links in boilerplate content are less weighted than links in primary content. John has already discussed this topic before he said something simialr.

But again, this first link versus second link topic really brought me back about a dozen years in SEO.

Forum discussion on Reddit.

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