Don’t underestimate the power of video

Don't underestimate the power of video: just look at search engines

Video content has more influence on organic performance than any other means that can be displayed on a webpage. In today's online marketing world, video & # 39; s have become an integral step in the user journey.

But for large companies, video optimization is still not an essential part of their website optimization plan. Video content is still fighting for recognition from the B2B marketer. Other industries, on the other hand, have already used this power of video.

In the recent Google Marketing Live, Google stated that 80% of all online searches are followed by a video search. A number of other statistics to be taken into account, according to Smallbiz trends by 2019, will account for 80% of all internet traffic for consumers around the world. Moreover, pages & # 39; s with video & # 39; s are 53 times more likely to be on the first page of Google.

I elaborated on video content and its impact on organic performance. My analysis started in the fall of 2018. Google had already started to display video thumbnails in the SERP's. According to research by BrightEdge, Google now displays video thumbnails in 26% of search results.

graph about video content and its impact on organic performance for mobile phones

graph about video content and its impact on organic performance for desktops

Source: BrightEdge

To understand the true impact of video SEO for your business, you need to test something. I did four different sets of tests to get to the sweet spot for our pages.

The first test was to determine if video content on the page has made significant changes. I have identified a page that is on page four of the SERP & # 39; s, even though it is well optimized. The team placed video content that is relevant to the textual content on the page. And the test result was loud and clear, having a video on the page increased relevance, resulting in increased rankings and visibility in universal search. The page began to rank on page one and the video thumbnail in the SERP & # 39; s displayed the desired video and was fed back to the page.

The next test was to understand the impact of the delivery method. I measured the level of user engagement and organic performance when video content is displayed / delivered on the page in different formats. The page is set up where users can access the video content, either through a link that would take the user to YouTube or as a pop-up or as an embedded file that actually plays the video on the page itself. The results were very clear – every time the video was embedded on the page, the involvement of users increased, reducing the bounce rate and improving page rank.

I went one step further in our test trip and did a follow-up test to evaluate which category of video content performs better? Just like any other SEO strategy, video optimization is no different. Skip the marketing fluff and go for video & # 39; s with product features, & # 39; instruction video & # 39; s & # 39; or & # 39; what is & # 39; video & # 39; s. We have tested different video content on the same page. When the content of the video was adapted to a user's need and relevant to the textual page content, the page arrangement improved.

Finally, I tested whether Google prefers YouTube video & # 39; s or domain-hosted video & # 39; s. On this subject, several of my business colleagues & I have heads in mind. There is no universal truth. Google displays both YouTube and domain-hosted videos & # 39; s in the thumbnails on the SERP & # 39; s. Different sites will see different results. I tested the impact of an embedded YouTube video on the page. What I discovered was something I hadn't even thought of in my hypothesis. When the video was already present on YouTube and then embedded on the page, the URL improved in rankings and at the same time the thumbnails on the SERP & # 39; s showed the YouTube video, but when the user clicked on the video, he brought them to the product page and not to the YouTube video.

Key takeaway

Many business SEO strategists have not used the video content because they think their products are not as B2C in nature. Remember that search engines like videos because searchers like videos.

Videos take the static image or textual content to experience content, where the user can actually see how the information is to be used. This results in a much higher and stronger degree of involvement, which in turn improves brand reputation.

Which video content should you consider?

I recommend starting from the first – what is the purpose / need of the user you are trying to address. Determine the goals that you want to achieve with this video marketing. Do you want to encourage conversions or increase your brand awareness? Consider whether the video is informative and attractive and whether it is relevant to the page on which it is displayed.

Also don't forget how that message is conveyed. Take persona & # 39; s into account, as that determines your target audience, the overall tone that the video should take. Which stage of the user journey is targeted? Understanding the areas where video results are high can help gain insight and guidance for additional content strategy ideas.

Things to remember when recording video content

More and more people are searching and viewing content on their portable devices. That is why you must optimize this content by first working mobile.

The basic SEO principle still applies. Optimize title, description, tags, transcription. By adapting these to user intent, click-throughs can be encouraged

  • Make sure the page is placed. Always surround your video with relevant content to tie everything together.
  • Videos & # 39; s for up to two minutes get the most involvement. Keep them short and let your brand shine through.

Do not just link to it, but embed it on your site and make sure that the video image is attractive.

This is the critical moment to include video content and optimization in your content strategy for 2019. When quality videos are added to webpages & # 39; s, they are recognized as rich content, one step higher than the regular text-filled page & # 39; s. Video content only helps your optimization strategy to extend your reach to involved site visits.

Tanu Javeri is a Senior Global SEO Strategist at IBM.

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