Back to basics: are outbound links important for SEO? - Search engine Country

Back to basics: are outbound links important for SEO? – Search engine Country

In Google & # 39; s two-minute debut from #AskGoogleWebmasters on the Google Webmasters YouTube channel, John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst, investigated whether linking is good for SEO.

"Does it help or link to other SEO websites?" In the video, Mueller said that links help users find out more about a topic and can check your sources. He then warned about link schemes & # 39; s, links in ads and user-generated content, and recommended that the rel = "nofollow"Attribute in those cases.

Why we must take care. Links are an essential part of SEO and you must consider the quality of outbound links in the same way as the quality of inbound links. Are your links useful for your readers? Do people point to reputable sources? These should be your goals, and achieving them will improve the experience of your users and will not harm your optimization efforts. In short, be careful where and how you link.

More information about link building. This first # AskGoogleWebmasters episode stayed with the basic principles, but there is much to discuss when it comes to links. Here is some related information to strengthen your knowledge.

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