Open Pagerank Brings Back Google’s Link Metric

I have spotted an article about Domcop bringing back Pagerank.

Pagerank is the original metric that was used by Google to rank websites based on inbound links. The metric became inconvenient to Google when people started to buy links based on the level of PR a domain had.

Domcop is running a paid domain database with dropped, auction etc. domains and with third-party metrics, like Moz and Majestic.

They have used data from Common Crawl and Common Search to create what they call Open Pagerank. In their statement, they admit that their database is smaller than those of the big link data providers, but their API is completely free.

This alone is not a major game changer for domainers, but it’s certainly an additional metric to pay attention to.

Here is what I think about it:

  • If a domain has a high Open Pagerank, it’s likely a high Google PR domain.
  • If the domain has low or zero Open Pagerank, check other metrics to verify, because it may simply mean that Common Crawl didn’t crawl the linking pages.

You can check up to 1000 domains here.

What do you think? Are you going to use it?