The Quality of Data We Get from Google Is Bad

There is a new thread on the Webmasterworld forum about the data quality we webmasters get from Google on various platforms. It’s the first article in a weekly series of moderator opinions. Read more

Google Mobile Algorithm Gets an Update

Google has announced today that they are going to roll out an update for their Mobile Algorithm in May. The algo was originally launched on April 21st, 2015 and it gave a ranking boost for mobile-friendly websites when the search is coming from a mobile device. Read more

Googlebot User Agent Is Changing For Smartphones

There is a new post on Google Webmaster Central blog about changing the user agent of Googlebot for smartphones. The most important change is basically removing iPhone and Safari, and adding Android and Chrome. Read more

Opera Browser Comes With Ad Blocking By Default

Opera has announced that they wabt to release functionality in their browser to block ads by default. For now it’s only included in the beta version. Read more